Benefits of Guarantor Loans (logbook loan alternative)

Screen Shot 2015-10-30 at 15.16.21Guarantor Loans in the United Kingdom are designed to help people in a way so that people who have had bad credit history before can still be able to loan money. Nowadays the economy may be at low and people do not really have the enough amount of money to purchase the things they need. Through loan, they can be able to do that just as long as they do not make bad actions when loaning. Through a so called guarantor, you can still be able to loan just as long as they pass the criteria that different company or lenders need them in order to be able a guarantor. When getting a guarantor loan, the borrower and the guarantor must be able to possess the entire requirement and must also make sure that they can afford to pay the necessary repayments.

One benefit of a guarantor loan is that it does not mind if you have a bad credit history. This is especially helpful because some companies reject the application once they see that the applicant have had credit issues before. Also, in guarantor loans, loans are unsecured meaning the company does not possess anything you own in case you fail to do the repayments. In guarantor loans you can get quick loans such as £50 to £500 and you can also have larger loans up to £12,000.

In guarantor loans, you can also repay early without any penalty and also, the interested will be charged daily instead of it being charged on a basis of a fixed period. In that case, it would mean that you could get your loan to a minimal cost just as long as you repay it as soon as you can. Unlike any other kind of loan, you can use guarantor loan to rebuild the status of your credit history, through successfully doing all the repayments on time. In guarantor loans as well, there are no upfront application fees that you need to pay. There should also be no hidden charges.

A lot of people have considered switching from getting a payday loan to a guarantor loan because there are many weaknesses in getting a pay day loan. This is because guarantor loans have significantly lower costs compared to that of a payday loan. Also, the interest is charged on a daily basis than that of a payday loan which charges on a fixed 30 day basis. This would mean that you can borrow anytime as long as you need the cash. In guarantor loans as well, there are no personal liability although the guarantor may be liable in case the borrower fails to do the repayment. Guarantor loans are more beneficial because it will help you begin a good credit history again because it notifies the respective creditors when the time you make your repayments on time comes. Also, when using a service such as Guarantor Lender you can get your cash as quickly as you can compared to other kinds of loan, in just as fast as an hour.