Welcome to IMLS Logbook Loans UK

Welcome to IMLS Logbook Loans UK, one of the UK’s most reliable Logbook Lenders.

We constantly offer solutions to people who are looking for alternative methods to raise their financial condition. We follow a transparent procedure and take pride in offering flexible options over a logbook loan.

We can offer a tailored logbook loan with no hidden fees or need to make overpayments. We even provide flexibility in the payment schedule based on your circumstances. The lending process has been streamlined by us in making loan procurement convenient and simple. There are some responsibilities that need to be followed by all the parties involved in the loan process.

You as a customer, need to complete all the formalities of the application submission. There is a need to demonstrate that you are a registered and legal owner of the vehicle against which you are securing the loan. It is vital to get the V5 registration form during the scheduled appointment with the financial advisor.  The vehicle needs to be free of any finance and it needs to be demonstrated that the vehicle is insured. A proof of identity, income and the current address has to be provided by the applicant. Upon the approval of the logbook loan, the applicant needs to sign a bill of sale and a consumer credit agreement.   

Call our business team today to resolve all your queries regarding the logbook loan. Once the valuation and the inspection of the vehicle are done, we let our customers know about the amount that can be procured in the form of a loan. The repayments are calculated in a manner to make it affordable to our clients. A fair treatment towards all our clients, irrespective of their background, is our motto and we adhere to it no matter what the circumstance is. We hand over the money the same day upon approval of the loan application.     

Logbook loans are fairly competitive offering the following features:

  • Flexibility in terms
  • Weekly or monthly payments
  • Loan is sanctioned on a vehicle of any age and value
  • Poor credit consideration

You can take some time out to go through our FAQs section to get to know more about the features of Logbook loans

Flexible, Fair and Fast Logbook loans

You can borrow up to 70% of your car’s trade value with one of the leading and the most reliable logbook lenders, IMLS Logbook Loans.

  • No hidden costs
  • No need to pay early settlement fees
  • Pay less if you pay early
  • Loan sanctioned in less time

Why to opt for a logbook loan?

A great way to get quick finance is by procuring money against your vehicle. The car can be used as security to receive lump sum payment directly within your bank account. The loan can then be repaid back in easy weekly or monthly instalments which will cover both the interest and the actual amount.

If the loan is being taken for only a short span, then the money can be repaid back without having to pay any additional fees. There is an option of flexibility without getting penalized. The amount borrowed is entirely dependent on the car’s value. More amount is offered for a car of higher value.     

Confidential Loans

The entire process is kept confidential, unlike other financing options where there is a need for a guarantor. The agreement remains between the lender and the borrower. We do not contact your employer and we maintain total confidentiality in the entire process with our customers.

The great thing about logbook loans is that it does not affect your life. You can freely use your car and make payments each month until the entire loan amount is cleared including the interest. Once all the payments have been made and the agreement ends, the borrower is returned back the logbook that had been submitted initially during the loan application process.    

Quick transfer of money

As the entire process is simple, money is transferred within a few hours after the verification process. This is the most advantageous aspect of procuring a logbook loan.

If you’re looking for the most reliable and quickest way of procuring a logbook loan, then get in touch with our support team today!